The Berkovitza brassy music

    Through 1902 year enthusiastic, young intellectuals from Berkovitza town, decide to create a wind orchestra (brass band). They purchased musical instruments from Vienna and start to improve their repertoire. In the course of time the wind orchestra has been under differently subordination - town band, military band, community centre band. His activity includes merrymakings, concertos, rallies, playing to open in a concert hall as well.

    From 1970 the orchestra is to the national community centre "Ivan Vazov", Berkovitza town, and his conductor is Krasimir Tzvetkov. The orchestra has been with a book of number 25-30 bandsmen, with a rich repertoire, the overtures, the marches, the waltzs, the polkas, the mazurkas, the arranges of the serious music.

    The time is necessary that the brassy orchestra takes changes in 1995 as well Shape The Berkovitza brassy music with the head Krasimir Tzvetkov - composer, arranger, trumpeter and conductor. The main repertory executes by The Berkovitza brassy music is the cultivated folklore is authentic as well, the marches as well other. The Berkovitza brassy music is really popular and wanted in Bulgaria. It participates in numerous cultural events, concerts, the traditional merrymakings in the open. There are invitations from numerous televisions for engagement in tv shows. The Bulgarian National television has filmed 3 movies for the Berkovitza brassy music. The brassy music Berkovitza participated regularly in national assemblies, as New year’s broadcasts, concertos under the patronage to the president of The republic of Bulgaria, the folklore broadcasts on the national television. The Berkovitza brassy music is a participant in one of most popular show of the national television BTV "Slavi's show". It participates in the first format of "Music idol" show for Bulgaria. In the international festival in honour to the most known composer to nation music for brassy orchestras - Diko Iliev in Montana sity, Bulgaria The Berkovitza brassy music always win highest awards, participant and winner of the highest awards in the folklore festival "Ashiclar sing and dance" - Berkovitza town.

    The Berkovitza brassy music figured in first and second international festival of the brassy orchestras in Veria - Greece, along with the orchestras of Goran Bregovich and Boban Markovich and the orchestras of USA, France, India, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia and Rumania. The Berkovitza brassy music have 3 self - contained albums with authentic folklore from each regions of Bulgaria and concertos with the most popular singers of pop and pop-folk music.

Krassimir Jerabski